Coconut oil has many beneficial effects on human health and helps you preserve good health. Even though it is considered to be a superfood, coconut oil may serve you for different purposes that aren’t directly connected with diet. Many people use it as a beauty product because it improves their skin and hair quality. This oil has multiple uses, and that’s why it can replace some beauty products we use every day. It is important that you buy an oil which is extra virgin, to ensure the best effect.

In the list below, we present you the uses of coconut oil:

As a highlighter

Highlighters have become extremely popular in the recent years, and women spend a lot of money on them because you want to have that natural glow. But, instead of wasting your money on this expensive product, you can replace it with coconut oil. If you want to have a direct glow, tap in on the spots, you want to point out.

Serum for the hair

When you are trying to tame your hair, use a small amount of oil, rub it on your palms and put it on the hair. Coconut oil is an also strong conditioner, or you can use it as a hair mask, it will give your hair strength, smoothness, and shine. If you have problems with greasy hair, use the mask of coconut oil, put coconut oil on your hair and leave for an hour.


You can practice this therapy three times a week, use one tablespoon of oil and mix it in your mouth, repeat this action for 20 min. During this process, the coconut oil will soak all harmful substances from your mouth, so you should spill it as soon as you finish this procedure.

As a nail care

If you want to strengthen your nail, rub coconut oil on them every day. In this way, you can avoid going to expensive nail salons and your nails will look stronger and they will get natural shine and smoothness.

Use it when you are shaving

Coconut oil has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps with depilation and shaving. You can use a small amount of oil and rub it on your skin and enjoy the feeling while it lasts. Your skin will be so soft, and you won’t feel any tingling or redness while you shave or depilate.

Makeup removal

You can use coconut oil to remove your makeup and in the same way you can clean up the skin. Use cotton wool and place some oil on it, leave it overnight. The cotton will soak the oil, and you will have your makeup removal always ready.

Body lotion

Right after the shower, use a small amount of oil to massage your skin instead of your favorite lotion. Your skin will be more elastic and softer. Pregnant women can use coconut oil for stretch marks.