Everything takes time and patience. To change the physical characteristics of your body, it takes time, patience and most importantly Dedication. Some people turn dedication to addiction by sticking to lose weight and constantly checking if they reached that goal. 

It is a good thing, but if you check more 10 times a day (after/before every meal) it’s an addiction. Stop constantly monitoring your weight. It’s like giving an exam every day. Useless.

Break Your Fast

That should be your mantra. Never skip breakfast, it is your morning fuel of energy. If you want to lose weight fast, join a 6 Week Body weight loss program.

You Are What You Eat

Look at your food when you eat. Measure the amount of greens, fruits, proteins etc. That you eat. Never eat while watching TV or texting. Your daily calorie intake to lose weight should be less than the calories you consumed every day. 

Calorie intake is the most important aspect of weight loss, you body simply cannot lose weight unless you body is in calorie deficit. 

Say No to Carbonated Drinks

Did you know it slowly decomposes your teeth enamel? As dangerous as it is outside, it can corrode your organs inside too. Throw away canned drinks (even the diet versions) and switch to homemade lemonade with mint leaves.

Never Lose Sleep 

Sleeping is the only time when you fast for 6-8 hours getting your body churn everything and bundle up energy at the same time. Losing sleep makes you run out of energy easily and makes you want to eat more.

Now take up your weight loss regime seriously because exercising will help you in the future more than it does now.

Psychological Issues

Problems like lack of creative thinking, constant drowsiness, short of energy arises when an individual’s lifestyle is not accustomed to moving around a lot. That causes decreased metabolism which in turn takes more time for the food to be digested that makes you feel more sleepy. Morning yoga followed by a fresh jog can help them increase their energy levels to do more work.