Even after more than ten years since Facebook’s introduction of the Facebook “Boost” to the masses it has turned out to be a massive success both in terms of the revenue it generates and also how it has affected the way we do our businesses. Facebook’s success story can particularly be linked to its ability to adapt according to the needs of its users. It is especially worth mentioning that Facebook does not charge even a single cent to its customer for using the platform and still manages to a billion dollar project. How is this happening? A single word perfectly describes the methodology of Facebook, which is innovation.  Here is a great example of a well made facebook business page from https://www.facebook.com/JohnnyChenSEO/ by http://www.johnnychenseo.com 

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One of the most recent innovations of Facebook is related to how a business or a start-up can market itself in a way that can be customized according to individuals needs. This exclusive option is termed as a Boost which is an effective and an inexpensive way to promote your content to a targeted audience. Facebook Boosts is an exemplary marketing procedure that business owners seriously need to take a look at and allocate a certain budget for it every month as the benefits are unimaginable. Here are a few things which a boost can do to your audience.


As Facebook users have the option to target a certain audience the option of boosting your content makes it convenient for your potential customers and clients to have access of it. Facebook gives you the option to target certain number of Facebook located at a certain place or region. Here is an example that can give you an idea.



It often happens that people are simply unaware of you brand and the services it provides. Boosting your posts and content means that you are reaching out to people hence creating awareness to such an extent that it will give your Facebook page a lot of like hence increasing your chances to generate revenues.

Filtering your Audience:

If you are offering a certain service or a product then there are chances that you would want to target your audience in such a way that the boost has a maximized effect. Let us elaborate through an example; you have a sports selling company that sells sporting goods online. For such a business it is obvious that buyers would probably be aged between 10-30 years as elders normally do not buy sport related items. Facebook gives you filters through which you can target your audience in the most effective manner; these filters can be seen below.


These are just some of the benefits that you can obtain for boosting your content on facebook however once you actually boost your posts you will find that the benefits are much more as compared to the above description.  And don’t forget, social media is great to gain audiences, but b2b platforms such as johnny chen‘s linkedin profile can also work well for your marketing campaign.